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Introducing the Atlas Game System

Atlas is a new platform for hybrid gaming comprised of a console and plug-and-play smart game mat. 

The Atlas Game System is a new gaming platform for hybrid board games based on proprietary technology and designed to bring the new and exciting gaming experience to players. Atlas also allows game designers to develop new ideas and explore new opportunities in the tabletop space.

The platform has its core strengths in its modular plug-and-play design, ease of use, and quick setup. Two distinct elements create the game system, Atlas and Maps.

The Atlas is a handheld portable game console that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, communicating the events that happen on the game space to a mobile application. It runs on rechargeable batteries, so it is possible to play it anywhere for hours without the need for a plug nearby.

The Maps are flexible neoprene game mats familiar to most modern gamers. They are easy to store and transport and connect via the plug-and-play system to the Atlas. The electronic system identifies game objects, such as miniatures or chips, placed on the Maps, and generates events sent in real-time to the mobile application. When you buy your second Atlas Game System game, only the Map will be required, making subsequent game purchases more affordable.

Thanks to our patented technology, the Maps are customized for each particular game, so they come in different prints, shapes, and sizes, allowing game designers to mold the game surfaces to their needs.