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So a few engineers walk into a game fair...

Sprama was formed by people with a passion for technological challenges and games. Enjoy this story by Stefano, our Project Manager.

Sprama is an internal startup of Infora, an ICT company based in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

When we founded Infora in 2011, we were a group of researchers in several fields of electronics and informatics coming from some of the most active research groups in the electronic engineering department of Cagliari University.

Since its origins, Infora mixed ordinary activities with vocational research, using bleeding-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, e-textiles, virtual and augmented reality, web semantics, and computer vision. We always kept our curiosity alive, and that’s how the Atlas technology came to life.

The idea behind the technology came in 2015 when we were experimenting with e-textiles. We came up with the design for the primary system, and how we could use it to produce an affordable surface for tabletop games that could recognize the object placed on its surface. The problem was that we had experience in gaming, but not of game design. Lucky for us, we had a close friend that could help us, and a quick demo of the technology was all it took. Fabio joined the team.

With the help of the 2016 Sardegna Ricerche “Voucher Startup” project, we managed to get the funding to get our project started. In 2017, we started developing our technology and our first game based on it, and made a first public appearance at the 2017 Modena Play, receiving growing interest. Expanding our technology with our first game allowed us to understand the needs of a game, and the possibilities that the new technology brought to the current market. Our public presentation allowed us to exchange ideas with game publishers and get a glimpse of what problems they need us to solve before they would consider such technology for real game production.

Now two years, two games, five applications, six designs, four full prototype generations, and a thousand days of work later, we are finally ready to bring Ascensum and the Atlas Game System technology to you.