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Dive into Madness

A new game for the Atlas Gaming System allows your app to react to your tabletop actions.

Ascensum is a co-operative game for 1-4 players and plays in 30 minutes. Ascensum uses the brand new Atlas Game System, which will sync your phone to the board for in-app dynamic gameplay, detecting the game elements you place on it.

Ascensum’s mobile app features multiple difficulty levels, artificial intelligence that adapts to your gameplay, and a campaign mode. Ascensum brings to the table a new way of gaming, where the technology doesn’t only assist you but enables new interactions and new ways of playing.

Ascensum is set in the dark world of H.P. Lovecraft and illustrated by artist Daniele Serra, a two-time winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist while working for Clive Barker and Joe R. Lansdale. GameTrayz has also crafted miniatures based on the game’s immersive artwork, which we are excited to debut soon. 

Ascensum will bring you down a dark path of world domination and madness. Are you ready to delve into the secrets of forgotten knowledge, to follow the stars as the move into the sky, to fight against the forces of good trying to stop you while you descend into madness and reach for higher powers?

Are you ready to meet the Ancient Ones?

Stay tuned for more announcements for this exciting game.